Doctor’s Choice is a series of dietary supplements specially formulated by physicians, to provide optimal dosage of nutrients to enhance absorption, maintain health, help prevent diseases, and soothe body discomforts. All Doctor’s Choice products are manufactured in GMP certified pharmaceutical factories in USA, providing safe and reliable solutions to various health needs.
For 14 consecutive years, Doctor’s Choice has been awarded the “Trusted Brand” Platinum and Gold Award by Reader’s Digest. Offering products with high quality and efficacy, it is also trusted by over 80% doctors throughout the years*.

Doctor’s Choice series contains a diversified product range incorporating vitamins, minerals, extracts from natural sources such as fruit, fishes and herbs, divided into four different groups such as (1) Essential Vitamins, (2) Bones and Joints, (3) Daily Care and (4) Vita Mama, Baby and Children, to meet specific daily health needs.

*Oracle Added Value Market Research 2012